Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rupp 47

Rupp 47
24" x 48" 

Reflections re: ELEMENTS
Visual improvisations made with snippets of black, white, shadow or colored images on paper form the content of my panels. These applied details include images of figures running, playing music, standing alone or as a part of a group, audience or nameless crowd.

The collages have a visual rhythm, but no central subject or theme. I reject using iconic images that would, at a glance, simply evoke original intentions or a brand.

Collages re-purpose and re-circulate photos, art, reportage, and other lively scraps that may already exist in your mind, in your recollections and imagination.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cafe Marseille......Cathedral

Cafe Marseille
24" x 48"

20"x 40"

On the A train en route to 125th street and the Apollo Theatre to buy tickets for the Amateur Night tonight. I adjust my earbuds and select David Murray's "Lester" from the Big Band CD (a treasured soundtrack). I think about the collages and have some reflective after-thoughts which seems to always follow the process of creation. And so, as I sit facing ahead on the A, I observe others in the car - each of us with our own lines of perception outward and each of us with our own lives inward. Stories behind the lines can be traced back to individuals, like the one standing against the pole or the young mother with her child in tow. Take all this in at once, like the opening of the train doors. Everyone has a history and a view of everyone else.  The subway experience is unfiltered. Of course, there has been no unifying element identified, no synthesis of parts, no overall end determined in this A train, except the vows to our own selves and/or others for our shared purpose and/or destinations,